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T-Pro Plasmid kit

T-Pro Plasmid Mini kit (RB94-YPD100 / RB94-YPD250)

The T-Pro Plasmid Mini Kit is designed for rapid isolation of plasmid or cosmid DNA from 1-5ml of bacterial cultures. T-Pro Mini Prep Systems (mini column) have been optimized for reliable yied (T-Pro Midi / Maxi is neccessary for preparative yields of 500µg – 1mg.) The modified alkaline lysis method followed by RNase treatment is utilized to obtain cleared cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA or RNA contamination. Silica spin technology coupled with chaotrophic salt provide a reliable DNA binding and elution system. Purified DNA is ready for restriction digestion, ligestion, PCR and sequencing reactions.


T-Pro Plasmid Midi / Maxi kit (RB94-YPI020 / RB94-YPM010),

T-Pro Endotoxin Removal Plasmid Midi / Maxi kit (RB94-EPI020 / RB94-EPM010)

T-Pro Plasmid Midi Kit use pre-packed anion exchange resin columns are used to purity plasmid DNA from 25-200ml of bacterial cultures. In the process, the modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment are used to get cleared cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA and RNA contaminants. Following binding of the plasmid DNA to the column, the contaminants can be washed off with wash buffer. Finally, the purified plasmid DNA is eluted with a high salt buffer and then precipitated with isopropanol for desalting. The entire procedure can be completed in 120 minutes resulting in high purity plasmid DNA without ultracentrifuges, HPLC or other toxic reagent.