Total Exsome RNA isolation Kit


 Intended Use

The T-Pro Total Exosome RNA Isolation Kit is designed for isolation of RNA from a single enriched exosome preparation.

Maximal yields of ultra-pure RNA can be prepared in about 30 minutes, and are suitable for studies of RNA expression (specifically miRNA), processing, or function. The RNA can be used in downstream application, including RT-PCR, sequencing (e.g., Ion PGM™, Ion Proton™, or SOLiD® Systems), RNA amplification, microarray analyses, solution hybridization assays, and blot hybridization. 

Sample Type

This kit is suitable for extraction exosome RNA (microRNA; miRNA) from enriched exosome samples, serum, plasma, liquid transport media (e.g. UTM),culture media or clear cell-free body fluid. 

Using T-Pro Total Exosome isolation reagents to collect the exosomes from cell culture media or serum is recommended: A. Reagent for cell culture media: (JO66-V001S) 100ml/(JO66-V001M) 500ml B. Reagent for serum: (JO66-V0025 ) 5x1ml /(JO66-V002M) 25ml.